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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a Quotation for an installation?

Due to so many types of disabilities, various systems and customizations needed, quotations is given personally to accommodate the customer's needs. Please see our "Contact Us" page for contacting details; we would gladly assist you in this matter.



What type of vehicle can a system be installed to?

Our systems can be installed in any type of motor vehicle, irrespective of make and model. Please note that in some cases, like elite sport models, extra modifications might be necessary and can have an influence on the total installation costs. Your vehicle must be in a good condition. If the vehicle is older than 5 years of age or have got more than a 100 000km on the clock, the vehicle must be recently serviced. If it appears that a vehicle is in a poor condition or any repairs is needed to ensure proper operation of our systems , it will be sent for repairs at your own expense, unless special arrangements are made with the workshop personnel.



Can my currently installed system be transferred to another vehicle?

Yes. Most systems are custom fit to the specifications of the vehicle and modifications are made to ensure proper safety of the driver, however if the systems needs to be transferred to another vehicle, this should be done by qualified technicians or an authorized workshop. Also take note that this is NOT recommended for systems older than 5 years of age.



How long does an installation take?

On average an installation takes about one week, depending on the type of system that needs installing. Many other instances installation time may vary between 3-4 days and sometimes even longer than one week. However, this will be discussed upon acceptance of your quotation.



What is the life-span of the paraplegic conversion systems?

The average life-span of the paraplegic conversion systems is 5 (five) years, depending on the workload of the system and the distance traveled.



How often should I have my system serviced?

All mechanical and electronic systems and devices should be serviced every 6 (six) calendar months.



Will I be able to drive the vehicle after installation and how long will it take me to learn driving with the new conversion?

Driving with the conversion systems is very straight forward and easy. The systems is designed so that any person will be able to drive with it. Customers collecting their own vehicles at the workshop will receive an instructional driving trip. System operation, adjustments and DIY tips will be explained. The system will also be tuned in towards your own driving methods.



What is the availability of your stock or systems?

Availability is no problem! Upon acceptance of your quotation, we will make sure that all the parts is available when you book your motor vehicle in for an installation. The longest delivery period of new parts or stock varies between 2-3 days from ordering date.



Is the conversion systems safe?

Safety is the first word in our dictionary and it is of utmost importance to us! All our systems and adaptations comply with international safety standards. Since you will be driving your vehicle on public roads, your safety as well as the safety of others is a very important issue to consider. We are proud to support the "Arrive Alive" campaign of South Africa in this matter.



What kind of warranty do I get on installations and systems?

Products manufactured or installed by Easy Drive carries a 12 months warranty period by Guidosimplex as from the vehicle delivery date, irrespective of the distance traveled.

Vehicles exported to countries outside South Africa, are warranted for a distance of 20 000km or for a period of 12 calendar months from the date of delivery of the vehicle to the original purchaser, whichever event shall occur first.

The warranty is valid only in those instances where the defect is acknowledged by our serviceman or authorized workshop. Easy Drive does not honor the warranty where its products have been tampered with by unauthorized servicemen, workshops or vehicles that haven't been serviced within the scheduled servicing date - this includes current as well as future defects.

For the warranty to be valid, the product must be booked in for a free check-up within 6 months from date of vehicle delivery.



Can you Help me if I live outside of Pretoria?

To us it is very important that we help everybody, anywhere in South Africa, therefore we always strive to assist if any arrangements needs to be made. Currently we have customers all over South Africa but only one branch situated in Pretoria which is not withholding us from helping you! In some cases special arrangements can be made if you are buying a new vehicle for instance. Car dealers arrange with the manufacturers so that the vehicle is brought to us before it is being transported to your town. Please "contact us" and tell us your special circumstances and we will strive to accommodate you in this matter.




If you have any other questions not covered on this page, click here and tell us about your questions.



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