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All systems are subjected to change and all systems comes with a 12 month warranty (see "Customer Service" page for warranty details). Please note that the appearance of selected systems to be installed may look different in your own vehicle since all systems are custom fitted.

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Accelerator Ring and Brake Kit

Accelerator Ring

bulletAccelerator ring incorporated into styled steering wheel.
bulletThis device, in the forefront of its field, has been produced with the latest requirements of the automobile market in mind.
bulletOperated by the thumbs, fingers or palms of the hands, it enables the driver to steer with both hands and to safely operate switches on either side of the steering column.
bulletVehicle can be conventionally driven.
bulletIt is available for most types of cars in current production and can, on request, be designed for all types of vehicles including LDV's, 4x4's and certain heavy goods vehicles.

Brake Lever

bulletPositioned under steering wheel.
bulletBrake action proportional to pressure applied.
bulletSpring return to zero automatically.
bulletFeatures: > Horn > Parking Brake.
bulletAll features close to hand grip.


bulletMounting: Brass or Aluminium (depending on type of vehicle), stove enameled in black.
bulletLever: Standard version in drawn steel, stove enameled in heat resistant black transmission.
bulletBi-Telescopic rod: enables the brake pedal to be used independently of brake lever. The rod is attached to the pedal without modifying the original pedal structure.
bulletAlternative steering wheel designs is available on special request.











Steering Wheel- and Gear Lever Grips

Steering Wheel Grip

bulletFor someone who has a lack of or restricted grip in an upper limb, a mounting can be fitted on the steering wheel, onto which a knob is fitted, enabling the steering wheel to be turned by one hand only.
bulletOn request, the mounting can be supplied with a fork or prosthetic grip.



Gear Lever Grip

bulletThis device is conical in shape and it is fitted on the original gear lever.
bulletIt enables the gear lever to be operated by people who have had a left hand amputation.
bulletAvailable for all types of vehicles.








Automatic System

Servo Clutch

bulletThe "Servo Clutch" represents a universal innovation in its field as it is the only accessory capable of automating the clutch on any type of automobile without the need for the slightest modification to the clutch.
bulletThis device guarantees the same efficiency as a manual control without any of the faults of that method.
bulletNo physical force is needed to work it, as this is substituted by an automatic mechanism controlled by a concentric ring fitted about 3cm of the wheel or by a micro-switch unit mounted onto the accelerator pedal. This provides normal, safe steering, freeing both hands for steering at all times.


bulletConverts manual gear change to semi-automatic with basic electro-mechanical interface.
bulletAllows hands only gear change.
bulletInfrared sensor on the gear lever activates the depression of the the clutch pedal automatically.
bulletOriginal vehicle parts remains.
bulletAllows use of clutch when required to be controlled proportionately by accelerator pedal.
bulletAuto-clutch can be switched off for conventional driving.


bulletThis device does not cause any loss of power because it works by vacuum.
bulletThe clutch disengages automatically when the engine is started. Once a gear has been engaged, the vehicle will move off when the accelerator is operated. Engagement of the clutch occurs in proportion to this action; therefore when moving off a slow or quick departure depends entirely on the way the accelerator is operated.
bulletAt speeds of less than 30 km/h the clutch will disengage every time the accelerator control is released. At speeds over 30 km/h, when it is necessary to change gear all the driver need to do for quick disengagement is touch the knob on the gear lever and when the hand is taken off, engagement is just as rapid.
bulletDuring deceleration or sharp braking, the engine braking effect is still present as the clutch will only disengage below 30 km/h. To continue, as with moving off from a complete standstill, engagement of the clutch is proportional to the action on the accelerator pedal whenever the gear is engaged.












Push 'n Pull Accelerator and Brake Kit


bulletConversion of acceleration and braking to hand-control by means of a push and pull action fitted with a return spring.
bulletConnected directly to the accelerator and brake pedals irrespectively, but allowing the latter to work independently.
bulletBi-Telescopic rod: enables the brake pedal to be used independently of brake lever. The rod is attached to the pedal without modifying the original pedal structure.
bulletBraking is achieved by a "pushing" action.
bulletAccelerator cable and covering are of excellent strength and elasticity.
bulletAcceleration is achieved by a "pulling" action.
bulletThis system is recommended for automatic vehicles only. Due to safety measures, no control off the steering wheel will be obtained whilst changing gears and accelerating at once.








Reversal of Accelerator Pedal


bulletChange of position of the accelerator pedal to the left of the brake pedal.
bulletIn some cases, the brake pedal is moved a little to the left and is fitted with a wider pedal.
bulletFor someone who has restricted or no use of the right foot.
bulletThis system is designed for automatic vehicles only.






Driving School Dual Controls


bulletOur school of motoring dual controls have been perfected in every detail: for use, appearance, ease of fitting and insurmountable strength.
bulletThey are supplied with detachable instructor's pedals.
bulletHave complete control over clutch- and brake pedals while learner is driving.
bulletCan be fitted in all types of vehicles.






Reversal of Column Switches


bulletDoes not alter the structure of the original column switches in any way.
bulletSecurely fitted.
bulletFor persons who have restricted or no use of one hand, palm or fingers.
bulletCan be fitted in all types of vehicles.





Reversal of Park Brake


bulletWhen the driver's left hand has restricted grip, the parking brake, which in most vehicles is in the centre between the two front seats, can be fitted between the door and the driver's seat in the easiest position for the right hand.
bulletPark brake lever have its own releasing push button.
bulletDepending on the car, this modification can be carried out in two different ways. However, this modification can be fitted in all types of vehicles.







Wheelchair Anchoring Device


bulletA versatile device for anchoring any type of wheel chair in all types of motor coach.
bulletCompletely detachable
bulletEasy to use.
bulletFitted with an adjustable.
bulletHeadrest and safety belts for the person being transported.





Omnigo Wheelchair Hoist


bulletThe OMNIGO wheelchair hoist is the only hoist locally designed and manufactured; and is the best in its class.
bulletThe hoist is well-designed, easy to operate and is essential to any driver dependant on a wheelchair.
bulletIt is suitable for all types of manual wheelchairs.
bulletThe driver transfers from the wheelchair to the car seat, fold chair, push chair into the lift guides and lock in position.


bulletRoof mounted.
bulletPowered by a 12-volt motor, consumes about the same amount of energy as the headlights.
bulletThe user needs only flick of a switch in order to lift the wheelchair onto the roof. When the the lift reaches the top position, it stops automatically, and power to the motor is switched off.
bulletMinimal maintenance.
bulletLightweight assembly (15 kg).
bulletMinimal wind resistance.








Wheelchair Lift


bulletFully automatic by the push of a button.
bulletThe strong steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure a fast, secure means of entry and exit.
bulletAutomatic inboard and outboard roll stops.
bulletNon-skid platform.
bulletPermanent, no-lube bearings at all major pivot points.
bulletLow-pressure cylinders ensures smooth operation.
bulletSimple electric system for trouble-free operation.
bulletRecommended for mini-vans and transit vehicles.






Wheelchair Ramp


bulletAvailable as "slide-in" and "fold-up" options.
bulletAutomatic inboard and outboard roll stops.
bulletNon-skid platform.
bulletFor manual- and electric wheelchairs.
bulletRecommended for mini-vans and transit vehicles.






Wheelchair Caddie


bulletAvailable as "slide-in" and "fold-up" options.
bulletAutomatic inboard and outboard roll stops.
bulletNon-skid platform.
bulletFor manual- and electric wheelchairs.
bulletFor all types of vehicles.
bulletCarry up to 90 kg.
bulletFully Roadworthy.
bulletPlatform hinges to improve "departure angle".
bulletAlso fitted with "skid-plates".






Repositioning of Steering Wheel Controls


bulletThis is mainly applicable on certain types of vehicles along with the "Accelerator and Brake" kit where the original steering wheel is being replaced with a Guidosimplex steering wheel.
bulletControl buttons such as radio control, cruise control and other dashboard related controls mounted on the steering wheel is relocated to an easy access spot on the dashboard.
bulletOriginal controls are being used.
bulletThis type of conversion can also be fitted for drivers with restricted use of the fingers or having hand-eye co-ordination problems.







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