Vehicle & Home Adaptation Devices

Makes Mobility Easier, Safer, more Reliable,
and more  FUN !!!

EZ-Drive is your one-stop fitment centre for various disability and mobility systems!

Based on a 100% customer/service satisfaction, EZ-Drive, having certified trained technicians, installs Guidosimplex, Menox, Bruno, BraunAbility, Garaventa, Handi-Ramp and locally manufactured adaptation devices and systems with 11 years of experience in providing reliable, innovative solutions to the needs of the disabled.

Initially, we concentrated on mechanical systems which have been developed through a process of evolution and by adapting more sophisticated technologies. Now, complex and electronic systems have progressively evolved through design developments, technological innovation, and encouraging interaction of our customers.

The products presented to you represent a variety of cost effective solutions to overcome a large percentage of driving and mobility difficulties. In this development we have not overlooked the aesthetic aspects and have created modifications that do not diminish the appearance of your vehicle or home. The normal operation of vehicles or home appliances is not affected for normal use. Therefore a seamless interface between the vehicle and the driving system or between user and home appliances and fixtures is created!

EZ-Drive continue to strive with determination to grow and achieve more ambitious objectives in the desire to exploit, its utmost potential, your freedom of mobility. We believe you will achieve your independence with our technological approach and services!

Thank you for choosing EZ-Drive to help you get mobile, right, the first time!


Products are Manufactured to
International Vehicle Safety Standards